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When deciding on the best way to help a client market their business or organization or event, most promotional products distributors go on auto-pilot. They immediately start thinking about which promos to suggest. The more effective solution is to stop and ask both the client and yourself, what is the BEST way to achieve the results the client wants? That’s where experience marketing comes in.

Superbowl in Atlanta

Here’s an example. A distributor friend recently asked about ways to help his corporate clients in Atlanta capitalize on the marketing bonanza offered by the Superbowl coming there in February. They did not have tickets to offer, so he asked, what could he pitch? Meaning, what promotional products should he suggest?

I saw immediately that there was an opportunity. This distributor can help create a memorable experience instead of just selling promos. I suggested that he gather a few of his bigger clients together to rent a good venue to create a viewing experience for their best clients and prospects. Then they should buy a couple of big TV’s for watching the Superbowl and raffle them off during the day. Adding a catering company with awesome snacks throughout the day and a “swag bag” of carefully-chosen promos representing the corporate sponsors to take home as mementos of the day would be sure to make the guests of this event glad to have been invited! (Notice that promos are still part of the package? But now they go along with the experience.)

Complete Marketing Solution

Since the whole point of marketing a business is to get brand recognition to help increase sales and grow market share, experience marketing just works better than products alone. Promos are still a part of the solution, but now the distributor can help create something clients and prospects will remember for a lifetime. Brands need to build relationships with clients. Experience marketing will do that.

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