For more than two decades, I have recommended and sold more apparel and promos than I can count!  During that time, as part of different industry mastermind groups, I discovered that what I really liked to do is help other distributors.  I enjoy the parts of the job they don’t seem to like or want to do.  Or maybe those distributors just don’t have enough time to do those tasks.  It’s almost like a game to me – can I find you exactly what you need or suggest the perfect product or get you that ideal prospect as a new account for your company?  That’s fun!

I began to see how someone with my experience, skills, and ideas could really help distributors a LOT.  I especially resonated with the needs of smaller distributors like the soloprenuers or husband and wife teams or “smaller-but-growing-fast” businesses who just needed help now and again.  From my desire to serve others in my industry, InfoHunters was born.

One of my favorite mantras is, “Do what you do best and delegate the rest.”

My team and I are available to be your virtual assistants.  We are here to help you with all those tasks that you don’t want to do, can’t do well, or simply don’t have enough time to get done.  Now you have a solution and you don’t have to hire an employee.  When you need help, InfoHunters comes to the rescue!

Who Is Sandee Rodriguez?

I’ve always loved to help people.  Whether as a teacher (I taught 4th grade for six years and have homeschooled my three kiddos for nearly 20 years now plus served as an assistant administrator for LEARN, a large homeschool co-op) or as a volunteer (I’ve been both a coach and a board member for the nonprofit South Jersey Robotics, helping to promote STEM in an under-served area) or, most recently, as a business coach and information resource for many distributors in mastermind groups and Facebook groups in the industry, I just enjoy helping people to succeed in life.

In 1991, my artist-husband, Domenic, started a screen printing business.  A few years after that, I left my teaching job to stay home to raise our kids.  I also joined my husband in his company,  D and S Designs, doing sales and marketing.  To better meet our clients’ needs, we added embroidery and, later, promotional products to our services. As the years passed, the marketing world evolved and the internet came to play a more central role in marketing and changed things for our industry.

The light bulb went off!

As we worked with our clients, we realized that in this digital age they also needed help with websites and marketing.  In response, we trained to become experts in those fields to better serve our clients.

Guess what?  Distributors need the same kind of sales, marketing, and website help that we were giving to our promo clients. With my team’s decades of experience in the industry, especially in wearables, I saw that we could use that experience to help distributors.

Now we are ready to give back and share our expertise to help our InfoHunter clients learn, grow their businesses, or even take a vacation (for once!) knowing that that a team industry experts stands ready to help any way we can.

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