It happens all the time…

Your client comes to you and says, I need ideas for holiday gifts. Or maybe they want promotional products for upcoming trade shows. Or they want to encourage attendance at an event and want suggestions from you on how to make that happen. On and on. Day after day. They just keep asking…

One big reason promo clients come to distributors is for your expertise and ideas. They pass that task on to their distributor partners and go back to doing their other jobs – as they should.  But now it’s up to you as the distributor to “wow!” them with ideas. Except you’re stuck yourself! You’re too busy or maybe a little brain dead. You need help!

InfoHunters to the rescue!

We LOVE getting creative and coming up with both product and project ideas! Bring us on board when you’re stumped or busy, and let us provide you with a valuable “save” – we’ll make you look like a rockstar to your clients!

When you need ideas, simply contact us and provide a few details that we’ll need to get started:

  • target audience (who do they want to reach with the project or product? Be as specific as possible like age ranges, genders, demographics, etc.)
  • quantity (how many things do they want?)
  • budget (how much do they have to spend?)
  • history (what have you done in the past that they loved/hated? That way we don’t suggest things you’ve done.)

To provide even more details, you can fill out the form HERE for us.  Then we can be really zeroed in on your needs.


Contact the InfoHunters team HERE today!


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