What do you do when you get asked for the impossible? Your client has found an item they want you to brand for them. You can’t find it in all the usual places. Your mastermind friends have no idea where to find it. But your client says, “No, really – FIND it for me!” because it’s the only thing they want.

I’m Doomed!

No, not really. It might feel like you’re doomed because you can’t find what your client wants, but there’s good news for you. InfoHunters specializes in those impossible missions. (cue the music…) Our trained team knows how to dig and dig until we find what you need. It might mean you’re going to order from somewhere else in the world outside North America, but if your client has seen it, somewhere it’s out there.  And we are going to find it.

But I Don’t Want to Pay for Help…

OK. That’s totally your choice. InfoHunters is not your solution then. But if you value your time and would rather pay someone to spend time searching the globe for you for your client’s project so you can move on to the next profitable task on your list of things to do, then put us to work for you. We have found some very interesting items for distributors. For example, once a distributor needed to source black jars for a client making her own candles. We had to go to India to do it, but InfoHunters found a supplier source for the project.

Sometimes it’s not impossible, but you’re just too busy. Like the time a distributor needed something more unusual like a pillowcase in their client’s university colors. We found that, too.

Catching on to what InfoHunters does?

We provide that extra bit of help for those time-consuming search tasks getting together the info you need. Like the distributor in Texas who needed to present a handful of good ideas to her client but was too busy to look up all the information. InfoHunters went to work for her and found a short list of six really targeted items for her to present and provided a spreadsheet with thumbnails, item names and numbers, supplier names and phone numbers, website links and email addresses, plus the most valuable part of all – notes on each item about why it was a good fit for the project.

I Get it Now!

Great! Then feel free to drop your requests into our forms and we’ll send you the information you need in a jiffy. InfoHunters is here when you need us!


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