What’s InfoHunters, you say? InfoHunters is a new virtual assistance service that you can use as needed. No long-term commitment like when you hire an assistant.

Have you ever gotten too busy to keep up with research and sales tasks? Or you know you should be hunting and gathering information on your prospects so you can market to to them, but you just don’t have the time to get it done? Or maybe you want to take a day or week off and vacation and not worry about your business.

We understand. We’ve been there, too.

InfoHunters was born out of seeing smaller but successful distributors needing a helping hand now and then. Not enough to justify the time, money, and aggravation of finding the right employee to be a sales assistant. Just someone to call when you need time-consuming tasks done. InfoHunters offers you exactly that. Industry experts who will:

  • do research to find you “that” product you client showed you and you don’t know where it came from
  • find specific wearables to suit the needs of your client
  • create for you targeted lists of ideas for your client’s events and marketing
  • search out the contact information for those clients you’d really like to have but haven’t been able to acquire yet
  • cover your office professionally when you want or need to be out for an extended period of time for whatever reason
  • complete other tasks as requested

Try us out!

InfoHunters offers a free trial. If you like the work we do, bookmark the website and come back as often as you need a helping hand.


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