One of the most common situations a distributor runs into is the need to find “that” item for the client. For instance, maybe your client sends you a picture of a pen or maybe they hand you a sample. Then they ask, “Can you get this pen for me?” That’s how you get started with the Find It For Me service.

Where Did it Come From?

Time to get to work – you have to find THAT pen. Where do you start? How do you find the time to go through SAGE or ESP or supplier websites when you already have ten other jobs that need your attention?

InfoHunters Can Help!

That’s the purpose of the Find it For Me! service offered by InfoHunters. We’ll do the looking for you while you go back to closing more sales or conquering your “To Do” list. Our team of experts knows how to find things! We will search diligently over hill and dale and sometimes even under rocks until we either find your item or we don’t.

See, sometimes these things our clients want are either very custom to the original person OR they have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Never Fear! We Have a Solution for You!

If we can NOT find the item you need, we won’t leave you and your client high and dry. No, my friend. We will provide you with the closest alternatives that we can find for you. We will send you a short list of options to show your client, complete with supplier names, website links, and supplier phone numbers and emails in case you want to contact them with questions.

Take a Test Drive!

Find It For Me! is one of the free trial services we offer to show you our stuff. We know that seeing is believing so the first InfoHunt is on the house.


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